Karolína a Vladimír - 14.7.2012
Karolína a Vladimír - 14.7.2012
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I agree with the others that this is a great post. I have been strniglgug with my writing over the past year (mostly one novel) and my husband encouraged me to start one of my other projects. Now I am almost complete with it, and have the idea I needed for the other novel to work. So, yes, keep writing is very useful advice. If one thing doesn\'t work, then move onto another piece that wants to talk is what I am now practicing.The publishing part does seem tricky, and it is interesting about how you write about your original first novel and how you have it on a shelf for later. I have noticed that sometimes the first thing you write isn\'t always the first thing you publish. However, I hope that someday we will see that jewel in print. Thanks for suggestions on the books on writing. I have been going to my local library and picking upon books on writing. After being out of college for four years, I think it is time that I do some new reading on writing.A lot of these questions have been on my brain for a while, and it was a little strange seeing those ideas that have been floating around in my head in this blog post. It really helps ease my heart, for someday, I hope I can pass such good advice and information. Write on!Natasha
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